The best way to collaborate effectively: Part 1

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This month, we will be launching our new monthly themed approach. Each month we will pick a hot topic where you will be treated to videos, blog posts & webinars from our awesome agile42 coaches. 

Up first for March is, all things "collaboration". Effective collaboration is key to building strong relationships & navigating the working landscape. If you have a burning topic you would like us to cover, please do get in touch!

Our South African based coach & trainer, Regina Martins, kicks off the first of a two part video style interview. We asked her a couple of questions, giving you a sneak peak into what our March webinar has in store for you. But first let’s recap what collaboration is. In our first webinar on collaboration, Regina referenced researchers Vreede, Briggs & Kolfschoten (2008) definition of collaboration as “collaboration is making joint effort towards a goal”. It sounds simple but it is deceptively so. In reality it is not so easy to get right. Collaboration is about:

  • Having a win-win mindset and staying focused on mutual gains
  • Creating an environment where people feel safe to deal directly with problems
  • Taking responsibility for the choices one makes
  • Being aware of yourself and others

As you can see from the points above, successful team collaboration is first and foremost about the individuals in the team.

Regina explains why she believes collaboration isn't just a learned skill, instead it requires an intimate knowledge of our own defensive behaviours. By being self-aware we can recognise when our behaviour is creating blockers to forming collaborative relationships. She will be tapping into 50 of these defensive behaviours in her webinar.

Lastly, we asked her what she felt the connection was between defensiveness and collaboration. When we're defensive, our IQ drops by 20 points and the last thing we want to do at this point is to collaborate. You may want to retreat, shout at the person, or engage in conflict – ultimately collaboration goes out the window!

You can watch the full interview recording below:

Watch the recording of Regina's webinar on "50 Ways to Wreck Collaboration and What to do About it".

We hope you found this video valuable. Stay tuned for Part 2 later this month!

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