Webinar: Digital Transformation

June was all about "Digital Transformation". agile42 coach Martin von Weissenberg, alongside our special guest Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Cognitive Edge, discussed the way agile and digitilisation are intertwined, and why it’s misleading to think of digitalisation as a one-time “transformation”

Martin got Part 1 underway with a video interview exploring what is a digital transformation and why it is necessary. Delving also into the organizational implications of a digital transformation.

Whilst agile is an enabler of digitalisation, we can also say digitalisation is an enabler of agility. 

- Martin von Weissenberg

In Part 2, the creator of the Cynefin framework and thought leader within complexity science and knowledge management, Dave Snowden, explained the role Agile plays in the context of a digital transformation & the organizational implications thereof. He also examined the social human impact of such changes.

On the 23rd of June we were treated to a thought-provoking webinar hosted by South African based agile42 coach, Peter Hundermark, along with Dave and Martin. The audience had the opportunity to ask their pressing questions in this Q&A-style panel discussion. Some of the questions covered included:

  • What is digital transformation?
  • Can agile enable digital transformation or the other way around? How do we see the connection/relationship between the two?
  • What is your opinion on digital transformation? Is it about technological risks? About literacy?
  • With many people now predominantly working from home, is this driving digital transformation or is there some sort of link?
  • How can we find the adjacent possible in a transformation based on attractions and systems tendency?

People confuse the adjacent possible with the adjacent, adjacent. They forget the possible. Adjacent possible is an evolutionary landscape. It's not what's next to us. It's also what's the next feasible state for the right energy input.

- Dave Snowden

If you missed out on the live session, we have the recording for you here - please feel free to share around with your network. 

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