agile42 enables leaders and their teams to create a resilient organization and a sustainable process of change. We equip you with the tools you’ll need every day to successfully grow your business, embrace agile frameworks, and foster a great organizational culture.

Organizational Change

Change, responsiveness and fast delivery can be key to adapting to today’s volatile markets. Many organizations are looking to agility as a way to achieve those skills, and are transforming their activities along collaboration frameworks for single or multiple teams. With our long experience and innovative approach we can help you reach the full potential of agility in creating an organization that develops, learns, grows and delivers satisfaction to customers and colleagues alike.

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Leaders of Change

Effective leadership involves creating a shared understanding of purpose and direction, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration, and empowering team members to contribute to the overall success of the organization. The ORGANIC Leadership framework is designed to build and grow leadership capability within your organization as a whole.

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Agile Teams

Take advantage of a unique blend knowledge- and skill-based coaching and learning, including self-paced online courses, interactive workshops, individual coaching and mentoring.

“The workshop was very informative and interactive, despite being held completely online, kudos for the organization!”

Bartosz Plotka
DiaMonTech AG

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Try agile42’s new Leadership Assessment

It gives you insights into your leadership styles and supports you, your peers and teams to drive positive change in your organization.

  • Understand your personal leadership style
  • Fast feedback from your peers and teams
  • Build leadership skills in your teams

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How resilient is your organization?

The Organizational Scan™ allows you to measure your organization’s resilience, understand your culture, leadership style and decision making structures. To run or improve digitalisation or transformation initiatives requires to have a clear and data driven understanding of the actual situation. Knowing the status quo allows you to define the best strategy and expedient operational actions. The OrgScan utilizes SenseMaker® technology patented by Cognitive Edge.

Top Challenges Facing the Modern Leader…

… and How to Overcome Them

It’s true that every era brings change, but recent years have unveiled challenges that we simply couldn’t conceive of before. From the global pandemic’s tremendous impact to the rise of Artificial Intelligence, from the social pressures of the “Great Resignation” to navigating the thin ice of remote and hybrid work, alongside the balancing act of layoffs and hiring surges – all under the demanding pressures of unprecedented career shifts and shifting client expectations.

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Webinar: Corporate Learning Program

Effective Large-Scale Learning for your workforce

In this webinar we had the great pleasure to welcome Katrin Birrer from JTI (Japan Tobacco International) to the session who shared her insights and experience from collaborating with agile42 on JTI’s Agile Champion program, a learning experience which is being rolled out to 10,000 employees. Read more about Organizational Learning Program or

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ORGANIC agility

Take control of your Agile or digital transformation

Transformations, cultural or digital, succeed or fail in many cases because of leadership.

Through ORGANIC Leadership,® the leadership team is shown their power to influence, guide, and accelerate change starting with their own adoption of an agile mindset. This is the foundation of achieving business results and new ways of working.

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Success Stories


Stronger through the crisis

With agile42 you can always be sure that you won’t be sold unrealistic short-term miracles. Instead, you will get a thorough treatment that is always based on scientific knowledge and not buzzwords


Jens Goldmann



Building organization-wide coherence for rapid adaptation in a mobile operator

We have grown into an adventurous and learning organization. Our strategy is clear, focused and we continuously check whether we are still on track or not. Our Agile Strategy Map visualizes our business in order to be able to focus on what is essential. This allows us to react fast to a changing environment and incorporate new issues even in a full schedule

Christina Kiehl

CFO Congstar


Where once everyone focused on their own tasks, multiple teams can now decide for themselves to work in parallel on the same project, focusing on a common goal. This is a result (and a process) that would have been impossible in the former, pre-Agile days


Thomas Eberharth

Digital Factory Division Factory Automation TIA Portal Engineering System, Siemens AG


Building agility in a large international bank, while making employees happier.

I believe that the type of environment we have created now, is more open to changes and improvements which I am sure will benefit us in the future.


Cecilia Kåhrström

Head of I&O Office, DBIT (within Infrastructure & Operations)

Learn from anywhere in the world!

Stay healthy, go remote! Now you can learn more about Agile, Scrum and Agile Leadership through our online courses. 

  • Agile Foundations
  • Scrum Foundation
  • Agile Leadership Foundations
  • …and a few more!

These online short courses will give you the essential background and foundations you need to start your journey.


ORGANIC Leadership® and hands-on experience for coaches are only some of our publications:

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65% of our clients return because they experience sustainability through our services.

Take the ORGANIC Leadership Journey

While leadership recognizes the role they play in any significant organizational change, how they influence that change is often left to chance. Successful transformations all depend on one common ingredient – the adoption of an agile leadership mindset by the leadership team. The ORGANIC Leadership Journey can be an individual path or a joint initiative with your peer leaders.

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