Ableton builds a Lego Abletown

By Training

As always we put theory into practice by building a LEGO City at the end of a Scrum training. The attendees are challenged to build a LEGO City from a Product Backlog in a very limited building time, of course using Scrum. This lets the people really feel what it means to self-organize, to sprint and to have a retrospective. Also working against a Product Backlog and with a Product Owner is something that you need to experience.

Ableton Team

In a couple of 5 minute sprints, the teams build, refactor and integrate their LEGO creations. Many aspects of Scrum in software development are also evident in this exercise. Work is prioritized on an on-going basis in the Product Backlog and the teams pull in work from this list into their Sprint Backlogs. After each Sprint the team has some time to reflect on their previous Sprint to figure out ways to improve their process.

All the hard work leads to a fantastic LEGO City, complete with a LEGO Ableton logo. Extra kudos for the impressionist river and for the name: ABLETOWN 🙂


Good going guys, cool city!

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