Ableton Developers build a LEGO city

By Training
The Ableton application developers build a LEGO city using Scrum as part of the Scrum training.

In a second round of training the developers at Ableton have constructed another LEGO city using Scrum. Using 5 minute bursts of planning, building and retrospecting, the teams transform the high-level wishes of the Product Owner into structures.

Ableton City

Instead of writing detailed, low-level specifications, the Product Owner uses User Stories: descriptions of functionality from the end-users perspective. LEGO stories look like this:

As a citizen, I would like a two-story house so I can have a large house on a small plot of land.

The teams would estimate and commit to these kind of stories, then iteratively transform them into LEGO. Together with the Product Owner they would assess the outcome and prepare the next sprint, refining build structures or pulling in new work.

The outcome, as you see here, was a very pretty city! Extra brownie points were awarded for the wonderful setting and the LEGO Ableton logo 🙂

Ableton City

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