Scrumtisch June – Agile Teams and Other Topics…

Neither football and nor the heat could not keep us away from the Scrumtisch on Tuesday. More than 20 people exchanged experience and knowledge about the following topics and have been listening to Bent who was talking about how to create a real team.

Topics of the open discussion:

What to do if Continuous Integration/Maintenance Bug fixing eats up more than 50% of capacity?

  • More support from the team developing
  • How to prioritize Bugs vs. User Stories?
  • Check-ins more often and smaller chunks
  • Tools pre-building or green-checking control
  • Distributed builds with fast running tests
  • Evaluate rate of technical debt reduction and decide for either a stabilization period or dedicated maintenance

One team on two Sprints?

  • Focus on one project at a time
  • Stream all stories into one unique backlog
  • Remove team members from the “old” team and start building the “new”
  • Prioritization should be unique among all stories
  • Avoid task switching and multitasking

Role in a Development Team (Rotation, knowledge share)?

  • Skill mapping an team level and set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for evolution
  • Pair programming

High performance teams

Thanks again Bent, for your interesting and useful talk. 🙂

We also have the the slides of the talk available for download, and recommend this article on coaching Scrum Teams for further reading.

See you soon at the next Scrumtisch