Webinar | The Sprint Retrospective

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Webinar on the Sprint Retrospective

In the final webinar of our webinar series on the Scrum Events, we discuss the Retrospective. The Scrum Guide defines the purpose of the Sprint Retrospective as “to plan ways to increase quality and effectiveness”. That sounds simple, but it’s actually one of the more complex Scrum Events. Watch as our coaches, Pascal Papathemelis and Ebru Yalcinkaya, take a closer look at Retros. They start by walking through the basics, like the basic structure of this event and what the Scrum Guide says about it. Then, while interacting with the audience and drawing on their experiences and challenges, they dive deeper, covering useful formats, common pitfalls, and some tips for making this event truly enlightening and productive for your teams.

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Ebru Yalçınkaya describes herself as a change agent when working with teams and organizations. Her Agile journey began when successfully extended Agile approaches to non-tech teams in the company that she previously worked for. These included teams involved in different areas such as corporate sales, customer service teams, and human resources. She also helped establish the Agile Studio, an internal coaching and development centre. Here, she developed training programs for Scrum Masters and Product Owners for her company’s employees and teams.

Since 2014, Ebru has been working as an Agile coach at agile42 and has started Scrum and Kanban pilot programs in organizations. She aims to enhance a team’s agility, and help them to reach their goals. She is able to achieve this through her pioneering and collaborative approach, as well as her knack for understanding people and teams’ needs.

Pascal Papathemelis, is passionate about people, human factors, and agile practices. He started working with Scrum teams in 2005, and he has been an active member of the Finnish agile community since 2012. He is also an organizer of the Helsinki Coaching Circle, organizing regular meetups to chat about Agile Coaching.

Pascal has nearly two decades of experience as an Agile project manager, Scrum Master, and facilitator in a variety of organizations. Software development, telecommunications, and business operations are among them. His background enables him to comprehend both high-level business requirements and technical details to develop effective strategies. Pascal is currently employed as an Agile coach at agile42. Many teams have benefited from his extensive mentoring, coaching, and facilitation skills. He aspires to assist organizations, teams, and individuals in achieving long-term growth, improvement, and efficiency.

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