Flight Levels Flow Design (FLFD) Training

In agile42's Flight Levels Flow Design Workshop (FLFD), you will learn what you need to establish business agility in your company – across teams, products, and services.

Flight Levels Flow Design - Overview

There is a lot of talk in the organization – one meeting after another, and yet coordination is getting out of hand. Commitments are not kept. A lot is started, but little is finished. Work is stuck somewhere and it takes forever until something is finally finished. Measurements are available, but they are not of much use. And the more capacity you build, the more complex, unpredictable and slower everything becomes.

A practical understanding of the Flight Levels model will help you to enact ORGANIC agility principles 3, 4 and 5, which are stated as:

  1. Focus on Value Creation - Find out what your customers actually need and how to get it to them
  2. Validate Changes in Small Increments - Acknowledge your strengths and base your strategy on validated experiments to safely move towards your goals
  3. Optimize Flow - Remove the costs of excessive coordination by distributing control

The content at a glance

  • Principles of flow and Flight Levels - Why is flow-based work so important? How can I make the workflows in my organisation explicit?
  • Flight Level 2 vs. Flight Level 3 - What do strategy boards look like? How can Flight Level 2 boards help me to implement the strategy?
  • Visualization - What is important when building cross-team and cross-product boards? How can I make waiting times, dependencies, and bottlenecks visible?
  • Create focus - How can I complete more work instead of starting more work all the time? How do several teams manage to focus on the essential topics?
  • Agile interactions - What meetings are required to make cross-team and cross-product coordination work?
  • Measure progress - Which measurements are useful and effective? How can I measure if we are improving?
Facts Overview:
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Duration: 16h
    • Delivery: Remote
    • Accreditation: Flight Levels Flow Enabler - FLFE (Flight Levels Academy)
    • Included:
        • Free access to the online Flight Levels Community
        • Free access to the online agile42 Community
    • PDUs & Scrum Alliance SEUs: 14

Target audience

This course is designed for professionals responsible for leading product or service delivery, portfolio management as well as those with an interest in converting strategic intent into reality. The Flight Levels model provides a lens through which we can clarify and encapsulate the types of problems we need to solve at different levels of an organization and how to better manage dependencies and interactions in order to achieve true business agility.

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