agile42 announces partnership with Cognitive Edge

Dave Snowden is a great friend of us, we welcomed him during the agile42 Connect days last November. He’s been our guest during one of our latest coach camps in Berlin when we investigated the possibility for him to become an advisor to agile42 on strategy and also to create a more formal partnership. This will allow our operational use of SenseMaker® and also participation in some of the research programmes he will shortly be launching from The Cynefin Centre.

We can now announce that we will work together to create an instance of SenseMaker® to support agile42 work on Agile readiness, providing both an assessment instrument and an ability for continuing monitoring, knowledge capture and learning. This is part of our vision to go beyond crude surveys into continuous monitoring and active decision support.

agile42 will be a key partner in the Cynefin Centre’s forthcoming action research programmes on user requirement capture and project management. The first of these, narrative based URC will be one of a series of initiatives looking to create pre-SCRUM tools within the Agile community as well as allowing what Dave Snowden has previously described as fractal scaling within software development. This allows a non-aggregative approach to seeing software as an evolving service with active engagement of the C level within organisations, linking strategy with operations in real time.

We are extremely happy to have Dave as an advisor for our forward strategy, and to have him in Berlin from time to time (apparently he has a lot of good stories about the city).

During one of our camps we exchanged some ideas with Dave about the direction Agile is going and we caught them on video.