In Hamburg, meet Solutions

agile42 is a Quality Partner of the great 2016 that started today in Hamburg, Germany. Tomorrow, September 8th, we will host half a day of presentations devoted to Agile solutions for the enterprise. 2016

I will introduce with a new talk about improving the chances of success of your organization: explicitly measuring and designing culture is an enabler towards agility and can provide incredible advantages to an organization development. Understanding how to lead such change is the one thing that might save your company in the rough waters of todays market. Are you ready for the challenge?

Together with Gregory Keegan and Konrad Pogorzala we will then facilitate two workshops: first, How to design a more Resilient and Antifragile organization, where the goal is to quickly learn which aspects within an organization are relevant to improve its resilience and antifragility. Working in groups participants will explore different ways to improve their own organization and making it more resilient and antifragile.

We will then go deeper with Organizational culture is the key to grow: organizational culture exists whether you want it or not, and if culture eats strategy for breakfast, you’ll better know how to grow the right culture for your organization. Working in groups with the participants we will explore the Competing Value Framework as a model to measure and design your organizational culture.

Hope to see you!