Nov. 23, 2018

agile42 invests in Cognitive Edge to accelerate thought leadership and innovation

We are excited to announce that from the 1st of December 2018 Marion Eickmann and Andrea Tomasini become major investors in Cognitive Edge

Press Release, Berlin and Singapore - November 22, 2018

agile42 and Cognitive Edge are excited to announce that from the 1st of December 2018, Marion Eickmann and Andrea Tomasini, the founders and CEOs of agile42, become major investors in Cognitive Edge. agile42 is a global leader in Agile Transitions, Leadership and organizational change, while Cognitive Edge provides thought leadership in the application of insights from anthropology, neuroscience, and complexity science to organizational change and social systems. 

Cognitive EdgeCognitive Edge’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dave Snowden, stated “I’ve known Marion and Andrea for many years now and have been actively involved in their business and count them as good friends and ‘fellow travellers’.  It’s not just talk; discussions in Barcelona two years ago produced the Powered by SenseMaker® offering around ORGANIC Agility. I know most of their employees personally and we’ve worked together enough for me to have absolute trust in their personal integrity and the fact that they share the wider vision at the heart of Cognitive Edge and Cynefin.”

He continued “We’ve spent several years creating a market around Cynefin and SenseMaker® from scratch - first into the field with scalable ethnographic tools and a human approach to complex systems. Having created a market it’s now time to scale, both around the theory and the practice. To do this we needed a sympathic investor who has already bought into the ideas, but critically had a track record of taking ideas to scale - Marion and Andrea are the perfect partner for this.  With the extended team we can now make a real difference.

The relationship between Marion, Andrea, and Dave started seven years ago and since then has led to the creation of pioneering ORGANIC agility™ and powerful applications such as the Organizational Scan (powered by SenseMaker®), which enables the continuous mapping of organizational culture, and the Agile Strategy Map Tool that enables the design and effective execution of adaptive strategic goals.

Dave Snowden, Marion Eickmann and Andrea Tomasini at agile42 Connect in Berlin

Dave Snowden, Marion Eickmann and Andrea Tomasini at agile42 Connect event in Berlin

This investment and partnership in the future Cognitive Edge enables agile42 and Cognitive Edge to realize their shared vision. Cognitive Edge aims to continue and amplify the delivery of innovative software based on its ground-breaking SenseMaker® technology. It will also provide support to the Cynefin Centre, a leading research and development center that has already contributed to the ongoing evolution of the award-winning Cynefin™ framework and aims to make a real impact on people’s everyday lives through the application of natural science to issues in real world engagement. Cognitive Edge will also continue to deliver novel learning solutions and maintain, formalize, and grow its global partner network. Ultimately, the goal is to harness diverse approaches that go beyond traditional management and simplistic methodologies in order to create a novel and sophisticated understanding of the new world of work and new social constructs through biological rather than engineering metaphors.

Marion Eickmann will be the CEO of the new company, while Dave Snowden will be Chief Scientific Officer. He will lead the Research and Development of Cognitive Edge and continue working on the Cynefin™ Centre. Andrea Tomasini, bringing a strong track record in innovation and organizational change as well as experience in strategic and leadership consulting, will act as a valuable advisor in bringing new ideas to life. 

First responses to the news have been very encouraging and enthusiastic. Bastian Wilhelms of sipgate, Düsseldorf, Germany, a long-term client of agile42 who has grown into a partner, claimed “Cynefin is one of the best tools ever invented to crack a client. We’ve been hooked for years and it is amazing how agile42 has used it to build unique methods and tools for organizational development.”

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News and views from the Headquarter of the agile42 team
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News and views from the Headquarter of the agile42 team

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