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Individual learning journey for your workforce

The agile42 Corporate Learning Program enables you to develop the best curriculum for your workforce. We support you in creating sessions for general Agile topics as well as role-specific learning journeys tailored to the diverse needs of any role, while tracking progress, setting metrics, and adapting to changing requirements.

“Becoming Agile” is not only a strategic goal of corporations these days, it is also quite a challenge, as “Agility” goes together with a degree of individuality, interdependence and personal experience.

Our Corporate Learning Program (CLP) supports you on your journey in three major ways:

  • We are able to set up, develop and roll out a corporate learning program that supports your employees by generating a joint understanding and awareness for 1,000+ employees, whether in-house or distributed globally.
  • We integrate individual training into “learning” as a whole, including the application within individuals specific context
  • and when doing both of that we are building on good practices from 13 years training and coaching but are still able to adapt the program to your individual experience
What's New

Upcoming webinar: Effective Large-Scale Learning

Oct. 30, 2020

More and more large corporates want and need to embrace agility. Their challenge is to provide learning to thousands of employees. You might have experienced this yourself.

In this webinar, agile42 coaches Simon Sablowski and Lothar Fischmann will present our offering and what we have learned from co-developing Corporate Learning Programs with multiple clients.

We are excited to welcome Katrin Birrer from JTI (Japan Tobacco International) who will share her experience of collaborating with us on JTI’s Agile Champion program, a learning experience which is being rolled out to 10,000 employees.

Read more and register

On the Corporate Learning Program

agile42 supported us in designing, developing and creating our agile learning journey program. Their experience and proven learning content has been put in our context and enables us to grow as a learning organization.
Katrin Birrer
JT International SA

The three pillars of the Corporate Learning Program

Agile Awareness

You cannot harness capabilities and ways of working that you are not aware of. The first step of the journey is an engaging online course that needs only a few hours to deliver the essential basics of agility to everyone in your organization, regardless of role. Real change requires the involvement, inclusion, and understanding of absolutely everybody, so you can:

  • start your agile transition the right way
  • troubleshoot or course-correct your ongoing agile transition
  • easily onboarding new members to your agile ways


This program isn't our first run. We have been teaching individuals, teams, and organizations for 13 years using engaging and motivating methods and a modular design that allows quick adaptability and customization. This way, whether you are supporting individuals in their journeys or developing entire teams, we can give you precisely what you need for the following and much much more:

  • Leadership training and evolution
  • Specific agile roles such as Scrum Masters and Product Owners at all levels
  • Coaching skills
  • Cross-functional training for essential departments such as sales and HR

Coach the Coach

No matter what education we deliver, internal growth and development are essential if you want to continue benefiting from it long after we are gone. Our goal is to help you become independent as soon as possible because no one knows your unique context and internal complexity better than your people. As you build up the coaches of your future, we will support them through:

  • techniques for working with teams and individuals
  • advanced facilitation
  • individual attention and mentoring through real-world practice

Your individual Corporate Learning Program

Our approach to creating a learning program iterates around seven steps. It integrates many highly qualified trainers with industry-validated experience and more than 430 tested training modules.


First, you must identify your needs and the current level of knowledge in your organization. This exploration includes interviewing leaders about their expectations for the future, identifying individual candidates and teams for the program, and assessing their capabilities, as well as defining role-specific training requirements for the distinct needs of every group in the organization. Our good practices and experiences from previous programs enable this.

We are the agile experts, but you know your own context best. We will join forces and co-create an education program to tailor industry-leading practices and world-class expertise to your specific situation. The program will include competency recommendations and provide you the opportunity to customize it with very individual parts like your companies “Why” or Cases of Success that may be shared within your organization, or even competencies that you find crucial for your market.

During the pilot phase, we can help set up the right environment, plan the identified education and personal development paths, organize cohorts, and schedule classes and activities. Usually, during this phase, we create online self-learning courses based on the content we agreed on and test your customized learning journey with one or more cohorts. The feedback we receive from the first cohorts helps us improve the program before rolling the program out at scale.

Now you are ready to go!  Engage your employees to join the program: follow the predetermined structure and tools to onboard them and set them up for success.

While your employees are enjoying the program and learning day by day, you can further support them. Give them access to new resources (such as reading materials and videos), and promote collaboration and learning from one another. You can also add new students to existing cohorts or create new ones. We will offer an open chat where people can ask questions and seek help.

The whole program, including classes and activities, has to be continuously evaluated by the C-Level according to processes and channels for evaluation defined earlier in the program and involving the students themselves and their colleagues. This precious feedback is essential for the continuous improvement of the program.

Bring all the threads together: as you monitor the results of your interventions, you can adjust implementation, change enrollment, and continue supporting the students. Through this continuous adjustment, you will be able to maximize the impact and make your program truly yours.

Developing a learning and adaptive workforce

agile42 offers a modular approach to training that allows the customization of learning journeys to address individual needs and interests.  The combination of self-learning and instructor-led interactive sessions guarantees a highly effective learning experience.

An example of a curriculum - Scrum Master

In many organization the scrum master helps to facilitate scrum to the larger team by ensuring the scrum framework is followed and is committed to the scrum values and practices.

  • But does this work in every company in the same way?
  • What responsibilities your SMs have?
  • How do they guide your teams?
  • What are the adaptations you need?

The Scrum Master Curriculum can be individualized to your needs by still supporting the principles you value.



How does this program benefit you?

We based the organizational approach behind our corporate learning program on the ORGANIC agility framework. This means that your learning is not an unconnected set of tools, but a path towards increasing resilience with helpful tools along the way. In that path, you will:

      • Strengthen leadership as an organizational capability
      • Increase the understanding of how organizational culture influences an organization’s ability to adapt to change
      • Make a flexible organizational design and change approach possible

The Corporate Learning Program enables:

      • Using real data for transformation or change initiatives
      • Responding and adapting quickly to changes
      • Creating leadership approaches to foster learning, growth and to unlock the full potential of individuals and teams
      • Driving innovation in your organization through experimentation and a better path to value delivery
      • Creating an environment to engage your workforce and support the needs of your customers
      • Bringing every participant up to speed with the core concepts of agility and a leaner approach to work

ORGANIC agility

Take control of your Agile or digitaltransformation

Transformations, cultural or digital, succeed or fail in many cases because of leadership. Through ORGANIC Leadership,® the leadership team is shown their power to influence, guide and accelerate change starting with their own adoption of an agile mindset. This is the foundation of achieving business results and new ways of working.

ORGANIC agility® in a few words

ORGANIC agility is an evolutionary approach to organizational agility and resilience that has been developed by working with hundreds of companies around the world. The three pillars of ORGANIC agility include a capability-based leadership model that focuses on the three dimensions of situation, behavior, and culture. The second pillar provides the scaffolding for organizations to evolve to continuously improve through five key principles and the third is a set of tools, both analog and digital, to help companies attain and improve their organizational resilience.

Leadership: Executive Level

Strategic thinkers know how to move between rigor and vision and challenge assumptions in order to uncover opportunities for creating and capturing value in turbulent markets. First and foremost, strategic leaders know the importance of people and relationships for success. Our Executive Leadership Program enables top-level leaders to choose and implement the right corporate development tools for growth, developing the right strategy that supports the leadership team in creating a shared vision and coherence.

Leadership: Operational Level

Support on an operational level is vital for a strategy to be implemented effectively and to ensure that all teams and individuals involved in delivering value are interconnected, actively contributing, and executing effectively. Within the ORGANIC agility framework, strategy and tactics are intertwined and the framework encourages the continuous shift between design and execution to allow for higher levels of resilience and rapid adaptability. To achieve this, all leaders involved with operations should focus their efforts on creating an environment that supports continuous learning and nurtures a culture of autonomy and interdependence.

Teams and Individuals

Learning programs need to be modular, interactive, and accessible exactly when and where they are needed. Our frameworks, content modules, and many years of experience in remote and on-site learning support you to set up and manage your corporate learning and tailor it to your changing and growing needs.  Our services include in-person and remote training/workshops as well as fully self-paced online learning modules for the following areas:

      • Culture
      • Employee engagement
      • Agility
      • Performance management
      • Well-being
      • Workforce analytics
      • Innovation


ORGANIC agility Handbook

Leadership & Organization

ORGANIC agility is our comprehensive approach to understanding the functioning of organizations in the market, how they change trough internal and external interactions, and how we can influence that change to let a more resilient organization emerge. This handbook is ...


"Show me the money"

Value Stream Discovery

"Show me the Money" is a workshop that facilitates the quick and easy discovery of value streams, market niches, and customer needs. It can be combined with other ORGANIC agility components into a package targeting more generally the processes of value identification, flow, and delivery.



Fast growth brought challenges as well as rewards to the telecommunications company from Düsseldorf, which in 2009 was struggling to structure its new, larger self and to create innovative products. With the help of agile42, within a year Sipgate not just overcame the crisis, but became a model of agility, literally writing a book on the subject.