Corporate Learning Program

Every company has a strategic advantage in being different. In a well-functioning and resilient organization, the processes, roles and ways of working continuously evolve to fit organizational strategy and the changing markets. You cannot buy a predefined process or learning curriculum and expect this to support your specific strategy, or strengthen your unique competitive advantage. If any change is to be successful and sustainable, it must grow organically within the organization. The agile42 Corporate Learning Program enables you to develop the best curriculum for your workforce addressing diverse needs, from team to C-Level while tracking progress, setting metrics, and adapting to changing requirements.


Our Corporate Learning Program is based on our years of extensive training experience. It is delivered as a blend of online/self-learning modules with remote learning sessions and remote coaching. The organizational approach we are proposing is based on the ORGANIC agility framework, which provides a path towards increasing resilience and the tools that will get you there by:

      • Strengthening leadership as an organizational capability
      • Increasing the understanding of how organizational culture influences an organization’s ability to adapt to change
      • Providing a flexible organizational design and change approach
      • Using real data for transformation or change initiatives
      • Responding and adapting quickly to changes
      • Creating leadership approaches to foster learning, growth and to unlock the full potential of individuals and teams
      • Driving innovation in your organization through experimentation and a better path to value delivery
      • Creating an environment to engage your workforce and support the needs of your customers
      • Bringing every participant up to speed with the core concepts of agility and leaner approach to work

Developing a learning and adaptive workforce

Our services are modular and are combined to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

Leadership: Executive Level

Strategic thinkers know how to move between rigor and vision and challenge assumptions in order to uncover opportunities for creating and capturing value in turbulent markets. First and foremost, strategic leaders know the importance of people and relationships for success. Our Executive Leadership Program enables top level leaders to choose and implement the right corporate development tools for growth, developing the right strategy that supports the leadership team in creating a shared vision and coherence.

Leadership: Operational Level

Support on an operational level is vital for strategy to be implemented effectively and to ensure that all teams and individuals involved in delivering value are interconnected, actively contributing, and executing effectively. Within the ORGANIC agility framework, strategy and tactics are intertwined and the framework encourages the continuous shift between design and execution to allow for higher levels of resilience and rapid adaptability. To achieve this, all leaders involved with operations should focus their efforts on creating an environment that supports continuous learning and nurtures a culture of autonomy and interdependence.

Teams and Individuals

Learning programs need to be modular, interactive and accessible exactly when and where they are needed. Our frameworks, content modules, and many years of experience in remote and on-site learning, supports you to set up and manage your corporate learning and tailor it to your changing and growing needs.  Our services include in-person and remote training/workshops as well as fully self-paced online learning modules for the following areas:



      • Culture
      • Employee engagement
      • Agility
      • Performance management
      • Well-being
      • Workforce analytics
      • Innovation

Develop the right curriculum

As an initial step, your needs as well as the current level of knowledge in your organization must be identified. This exploration includes interviewing leaders about their expectations for the future, identifying candidate individuals and teams for the program and assessing their capabilities, as well as defining role-specific training requirements for the distinct needs of every group in the organization. Based on this we co-create the best curriculum for your workforce.