Why OrgScan is better than a survey

The Organizational Scan™ uses patented technology to capture decisions in a way that is harder to game than traditional surveys. One of the reasons for this is the unique design of the signifier framework which isn't evaluative but rather descriptive. This means that there is no right or wrong answer. Instead, each participant signifies their own story considering different dimensions.

Data and facts to increase resilience

A pair of experienced consultants will analyze your data and will produce a personalized report which contains indications of how to read and interpret the results. Additionally, the more significant patterns will be exposed for you to act and improve in those specific areas.

100% anonymous

All data collected by the Organizational Scan™ is anonymous and the stories told by your people won't be exposed in any form. This allows everyone to openly and honestly describe their own perspective. By doing so, they will produce meta data which will be partially analyzed by the Organizational Scan™ software, and finally by professional consultants.

Resilience can be increased through agility

In fast-paced and volatile markets it is of paramount importance to move swiftly and adapt to new demands, sometimes even changing the go-to-market strategy. This can be achieved more easily through agility, which at its core is about being able to change direction as fast as possible and at the lowest possible cost. Organizational resilience can be increased by leveraging existing organizational dispositions which will emerge through the Organizational Scan™.

Culture cannot be designed but it can be measured

Culture cannot be designed but it can be made visible and it can be measured. The Organizational Scan™  is part of the ORGANIC agility Strategic Tools and provides information about your organization’s culture, including how it has been transitioning over a period of time. This information will allow you to rationalize such shifts, and became more aware about leadership behaviors and their impact on the culture.

"It was important to us - especially with regard to our corporate culture - to have a data-based classification that consists of the unfiltered view of our employees. Over 400 stories were submitted, which were analyzed in different dimensions. Advantages of the procedure: a high level of acceptance, facts instead of gut instinct, the possibility of developing our corporate culture in a targeted manner and also measuring this. Our conclusion: clear recommendation for the use of the OrgScan."

– Christina Kiehl, CFO congstar (Deutsche Telekom group)

Ready to start?

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Step 1: Collect data

You and your colleagues will have to capture decisions for a maximum of 8 weeks, so that the Organizational Scan™ will have enough data points to perform an accurate pattern analysis. You will be informed as soon as the amount of data entered is sufficient to generate a full report.

Step 3: Decide on what to act

Upon receiving the report, you will be able to review the findings yourself, and understand in which areas to act. The report will contain a lot of advice about how to read the findings. If you want to have suggestions for improvement, you can request additional professional assistance.

Step 2: Anaylsis

Once the capture process is complete, our consultants will analyze the data, and create a personalized and comprehensive report about your organization, highlighting the patterns that are interesting in terms of organizational resilience.

Step 4: Keep measuring

The Organizational Scan™ will not only provide you with one-time insights, but you can continue to use it and switch it to continuous capturing, so it will provide you with near real-time data allowing you to assess the impact of your improvement actions.

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