The Enterprise Transition Framework - ETF

Agile is more about a change in mindset than yet-another-process-definition and it encourages the empowerment of individuals, self-organization, shared responsibility and focus. Becoming Agile as an organization goes beyond focussing only on Product Development and Delivery dimensions. It permeates the whole organization.

agile42 uses the proven ORGANIC Agility™ Principles and the ETF™ in order to enable you create the right Agile environment. Based on the ORGANIC Agility™ Principles, the ETF™’s focuses on allowing an organization to implement continuous improvement and to experience change in an empirically controlled way.

There is no “One Size fits all”

One of the biggest risk of implementing Agile in an enterprise is that the new methods soon become defined processes after a while. Agile means continuous change and improvement, hence if you try to create a blueprint or a defined agile process, it is sure to fail. Instead your people and environment should learn and understand how to act and work according to the Agile Principles, using agile practices and tools.

What Agile will Improve

Becoming Agile is the way to continuous improvement for any organization. It enables you to deliver better products, create a motivative and innovative work environment, achieve a faster time to market and improve communication with your customers. However, you cannot buy Agile! It is an individual journey that each organization and each team within this organization needs to take.

The ETF™ by agile42 provides the right tools and methods to become Agile no matter whether you are a local business or a multinational corporation. It supports organizations in becoming resilient and anti-fragile to market changes. And our Team Coaching Framework™ guides Agile Coaches in their professional development.

What is the Enterprise Transition Framework?

To better highlight how the ETF™ can help your organization we have prepared an introductory 5-minute video you can watch here.

Take a look at the ETF

As a companion to this video, we have created a poster with the key processes of the ETF™. You can hang it on the wall in front of your team and know that you are never alone. All your little steps are part of a larger process, all parts of your journey! Download a large PDF for printing (5.3 M file).


ETF and scaled Agile frameworks

The agile42 ETF™ supports the adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) and other scaled agile frameworks. The ETF™ enables structured and strategic organizational change, and will help you deploy SAFe, DAD or any other framework. Read more about the integration of ETF with other frameworks.

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Since the Enterprise Transition Framework™ by agile42 is fully scalable, it doesn't matter whether you are a local or small business or a multinational corporation – it will work for every organization.

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