The A-Z of Agile: Collabracadabra and the Joygility of Agilicious Teams

Are you frazzledazzled, and need a quagmirequasher who loves a bit of collabracadabra to lift you out of a slump? Or perhaps you’re an outoftheboxian who can’t help but yonderize your agile practices? Or maybe you have no idea what we’re talking about – in which case, read on, dear reader! This is a glossary of the most agilicious new vocab to keep you from going kanbananas.

So buckle up those Leaderhosen, and let’s dive in!

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Scaling Agile Teams

We’ve been working with organizations for over 15 years and despite numerous existing frameworks and models, we’ve learned that there is no silver bullet when it comes to scaling Agile teams. Every context is different and complex. However, we believe that by applying Agile principles and some good practices, any organization can create a framework or model for scaling Agile teams: one that is best adapted to its respective environment and can grow organically. In this guide, we’ll describe a few best practices for scaling Agile teams.

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Here’s Why You Should Learn a New Skill This Year (It’s For Your Brain!)

The growth journey of the brain and nervous system begins the moment a fetus is nestled in its mother’s womb. Some of our functions take shape the moment we enter the world, while others unfold during the various stages of life, propelling us into growth and development. Contemporary research indicates that continuous learning supports our brain function well into old age. Even as you read this article and I pen these words, our brain’s neural networks are dynamically evolving, forging new connections and pathways.

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How to Find a Mentor: Your Guide to Success

A mentor is more than just a guide; they are the architects of aspirations, the sounding boards for our ideas, and the well of wisdom to help us grow and learn. But mentoring is a profound exploration of self, ambition, and the power of human connection. It’s not to be taken lightly. So, how do you find a mentor? How do you choose someone who will not only understand your goals and needs but also share your values and inspire your growth? This guide will help you with some practical tips to find the perfect mentor for your path to personal and professional greatness.

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28 Ways to Humanize Work

As the world becomes more interconnected, people now have job opportunities across the globe. A successful career is no longer about loyalty, climbing the ladder – or even a hefty paycheck and perks. So if money can’t buy you top-tier professionals, how exactly do companies attract and retain top talent? 

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Six Workplace Nightmares That’ll Send Chills Down Your Spine

Step with us into the world of Workplace Nightmares, where the horrors are real and the stakes are high. Dark secrets lurk behind office doors, and this spooky season, it’s up to you to save yourself. But you’re not alone. We have some tricks to help you survive as you face the ghouls and goblins of the corporate world.

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Webinar | Unraveling Workplace Dynamics: Insights from Humanizing the Workplace 

In our recent webinar titled Humanizing the Workplace: The Key to Finding and Keeping Top Talent, experts Regina Martins and Birge Kahraman delved into the essential aspects of fostering a positive work environment. The discussion revolved around the challenges organizations face when transitioning to remote work and the importance of humanizing the workplace when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. The speakers emphasized the importance of servant leadership, active listening, and the creation of purpose-driven goals to cultivate a healthy and happy workplace.

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Case Study: How to Approach an Innovative Culture

Abstract: Flexibility and the ability to make decentralized decisions, as well as a high degree of customer orientation, are core elements of an innovative culture. In addition to specific leadership behaviors, to be able to sustain an innovative culture you need to develop a dedicated toolbox. A project team at Siemens Digital Industries – Factory Automation – was able to lay the foundation for a customer-centric development of new products through a holistic leadership approach. The principles of ORGANIC agility® and the use of specific tools for innovative product development allowed them to verify product hypotheses rapidly and reflect those learnings into their business strategy.

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Webinar | The Top Challenges Facing Modern Leaders 

Resilient leadership is about adaptability, open communication, and creating a positive culture. Leaders need to build strong relationships, set attainable goals, and foster collaboration within their teams. By embracing these insights & watching our leadership webinar, you can navigate uncertainty with greater confidence and resilience.

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Mastering Soft Skills for Effective Work: Your Path to Professional Excellence

Today’s economic markets are dynamic, and this means the workplace also needs to be. Fast problem solving, decision making and collaboration with colleagues and customers play an important role. To be successful, employees need to bring more than just technical expertise alone. The ability to effectively navigate complex interactions, communicate with clarity, and collaborate effectively with others is essential. These abilities, often referred to as soft skills are critical to boost collaboration and to develop workplaces that enable people to work effectively and with ease.

In this comprehensive guide, we will examine ten essential soft skills that can transform your professional journey more closely. Whether you’re an HR professional looking to enhance your company’s capabilities or an individual eager to boost your career, this article offers insights and actionable steps to work on your soft skills. 

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