Mile High Agile: Breaking Down Technically Complex Stories

On Friday, April 3rd, I’ll get the chance to talk with other Agile practitioners at Mile High Agile 2015 about a topic I’ve been excited about for years – breaking down technically complex user stories.

The stories we’re talking about are the ones that may look easy on the surface (maybe as simple as a single button) but hide a mountain of intricacy underneath, in supporting systems, database design, or a dozen other areas that may not be visible to the end user.

To break these kinds of epic stories up, we’ll need to reestablish our understanding of what delivering valuable software means. We’ll be focusing on working software that lets us engage with our users without getting hung up on some of the stereotypes and assumptions that stand in our way.  We’ll also diving into some concrete examples with real code to see what these broken down stories look like and, we’ll examine some of the technical practices around refactoring and dependency injection that will enable our teams to incrementally deliver value in these situations.

Many people run into these stories and feel this is where Agile starts to lose consistency and has to be patched around the problem.  However, I have come to see that this is where Agile development really shines through and helps teams create great software.

Join me Friday, April 3rd at Mile High Agile 2015 and see how breaking down technically complex stories can help your team.