agile42 eLearning Course

Agile Coaching Foundations

This course is designed to help you understand what agile coaching is, how it differs from other types of coaching and what the main components are in an agile coaching approach. You will learn the fundamentals tools to be an effective agile coach and improve your skills in a wide spectrum, ranging from listening and observing to questioning and holding the space for your team to grow.
Yet another awesome piece of education. Even if in an online self-paced format, agile42 teaching approach is always among the best and most engaging ever.
Mikhail B
Agile Coach
  • Duration: 6-7 hours
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Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

    • Define the essence and the purpose of agile coaching
    • List at list two other kinds of coaching and describe at least one difference from each of them
    • Describe the five stances of agile coaching
    • Recognize at least two ways to transition between different stances
    • Explain the importance of curiosity and what keywords are
    • Define the three levels of listening
    • Identify at least two characteristics of powerful questions
    • Repeat at least four different types of coaching questions
    • Express the focus of effective observations and identify possible pitfalls
    • Discuss the five elements of an effective coaching structure and how to create a coaching card
    • Define the two levels of a coaching conversation
More information

Agile coaching is the art of helping people see reality using agile values and principles as lenses, and change their paradigms, habits and behaviors. It comprises a set of diverse skills and has two different sides — agility and coaching: to be an agile coach you need to master both sides. 

This course will help you move the first steps towards becoming a proficient agile coach and provide you with an effective approach and concrete tips you can put into practice straight away.


Target audience

The course is mainly designed for Scrum Masters, team leaders, team coaches who are not new to Agile and Scrum, but want to become more effective in supporting their teams and organization through the power of agile coaching.

The course is also intended for anyone who is approaching agility and Scrum and curious about agile coaching or is struggling to show effective leadership in an agile context: engineers, business analysts, project managers, leaders.

Agile coaching is now used across industries, so marketing specialists, data scientists, HR representatives, and other professionals looking for a better way to nurture high performing individuals, teams and organizations are encouraged to take the course.

Training topics
    • What is agile coaching?
    • Other kinds of coaching
    • Agile coaching stances
    • Curiosity and keywords
    • Listening and responding
    • Powerful questions
    • Making observations
    • Observational pitfalls
    • Coaching structure
    • Coaching conversations
Engaging, informative and interactive course.

Background on Agile Coaching

Agile coaching is a collaborative partnership to support individuals, teams and organizations to become better by introducing or strengthening agile thinking.

By completing this course, you will get introduced to the art of agile coaching and how you can help people change their paradigms, habits and behaviors with an agile coaching approach. You will learn a simple yet comprehensive framework to increase your effectiveness and help your team and organization improve.

The course is composed of a mix of instructional reading texts, resources, practice recommendations and interactive quizzes, which aim at stimulating different parts of our brain and thus help learning more and retaining the learning longer.