Dive deep into Cynefin™ for Agile

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In this masterclass, Dave Snowden, the creator of the Cynefin framework
and the agile community’s favorite curmudgeon, will address agility
from the point of view of complexity and bring to participants a
realistic approach that puts context before dogma and shows a future for
Agile that goes beyond fighting over methods and towards a
sophisticated application of agility in organizations.

agile42 is happy to host the Advanced Cynefin™ for Agile Masterclass in Berlin on September 24 and 25. This course is for people who have some experience with agility and
Agile as well as the Cynefin framework, and it is especially recommended
for Agile professionals and practitioners, coaches and trainers,
consultants, digital specialists and people who work in the highly
complex area of organizational transformations.

“Front of Class” ticket price is valid until August 22, check all the details.